The 2018 NBRMTA Music Competition Results:

The 2018 NBRMTA Music Competition was held via "virtual" platform this year, where competitors sent in video performances which were adjudicated by members of the New Brunswick Registered Music Teachers' Association and results were returned with hope of using the feedback in any continuing preparation for upcoming festival competitions and exams. We are pleased to announce the results of this competition:
Division 1:
1st place = Isai Paarra (Piano)
Division 2:
1st place = Ryan Nikmaram (Violin)
2nd place = Maddison Hoyt (Voice)
Division 3:
1st place = Sarah MacLoon (Voice)
2nd place = Annika Williams (Voice)
Division 4:
1st place = Maggie Kerr (piano)
2nd place = Maggie Kerr (cello)
The Competition Committee would also like to extend thanks to our colleagues who agreed to be volunteer adjudicators for this competition:
Division 1 = Justine Koroscil, Rita Raymond-Millett and Christopher Lane
Division 2 = David Rogosin, Melody Dobson and Rita Raymond-Millett
Division 3 = Melody Dobson, Justine Koroscil and Christopher Lane
Division 4 = David Rogosin, Aida Tisler and Irma Mulherin
We look forward to the next NBRMTA Music Competition in 2020!

The NBRMTA Music Competition is a biennial competition held in even-numbered years. It is open to students of all disciplines [instrumental and voice] who are currently studying with a Registered Music Teacher in New Brunswick. This is a relaxed and enjoyable competition - a chance for your students to have a performance opportunity in advance of festivals and exams.

The competition is divided into five divisions ranging in grade levels that correlate to the RCM system from grade 1 through advanced. Winners are selected in each division with cash awards given to the first, second and third place.