New Brunswick Registered Music Teachers' Association Honorary Life Members

Georgina Poulin

It was with great pleasure the council of NBRMTA was able to recognize the rich contribution of Georgina Poulin to the NBRMTA and to musical life in Fredericton over many, many years of teaching and music making with the presentation of a Life Membership in the NBRMTA and all the privileges that go along with this honor.

Georgina began piano lessons with the sisters at age 8 then studied with Hilda Shorten for about 12 years. At age 13, she began accompanying Hilda’s vocal students and later on, her choirs. Hilda obviously recognized Georgina’s ability and sensitivity as a musician to put such trust in her. During 1970, she studied piano and theory with Margie King.

Georgina has taught her students of piano with grace and care for over 58 years. She attended workshops, clinics, and conferences in Fredericton, Moncton, Saint John, Sackville, Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto, and Las Vegas.

Several of her students have received gold and silver medals from the Royal Conservatory of Music in their exam work and Georgina’s students were always well prepared for the music festival over the years. Numerous students have furthered their careers in music after studying with Georgina Poulin and benefited from her encouragement and direction.

Here is a sampling of the words that were said to honor her in June at the time of the presentation:
“We would like to take this opportunity to day to honor a lady who in the opinion of the council and members deserves to be given the life membership in the NBRMTA. I first met her during an Annual General Meeting back in 2012 and we discovered a connection as she taught my cousins years ago!

She has been active in the membership of the Fredericton chapter for years and I believe she held just about every office in the Fredericton chapter !! I am told she has been a member of NBRMTA for over 50 years ……She served on Council for years and held the office of treasurer.

She has had an active studio of students in piano and voice for years and has seen these students present and perform very strongly in festival, exam work and competitions. Many have gone on to pursue music degrees and some are teaching at the university level presently.
She has sought to instill in her students a positive attitude and good work ethic, encouraging them to strive to reach their goals, all the while showing a great deal of care and personal interest in each and every one.

Although she is an octogenarian, she presently has a few students and sings in three choirs here in Fredericton. Many of you who know her better than I do could add so much to this list of accomplishments but I am so pleased and happy to recognize Georgina Poulin for her service and contribution to the NBRMTA and to the ongoing education of young musicians in the province of New Brunswick. Georgina – please accept this life membership in the NBRMTA and all the privileges and benefits that go with it. Our Congratulations! Well done!!!!”

Presented by Catherine Bartlett, NBRMTA President and Doris Sabean, NBRMTA Council Member on June 9, 2019 in Fredericton, NB.

Kilby Hume


Kilby became involved in the NBRMTA Saint John branch in the early 1980’s at the encouragement of Louise Milota. She then served on the NBRTMA Provincial Council for many years in several different capacities, including representing NBRMTA as delegate to CFMTA. Kilby began piano lessons at the age of 4 with Gladys MacDonald in Campbellton, NB. In her teen years, she studied with Hetty Jackson in Moncton before being accepted into the Acadia University School of Music in Wolfville, NS in 1962 where she studied piano with Felicita Kalejs and Pipe Organ with Frederic Gmeiner.

After marrying Dale in 1965, they moved to Wabush, Labrador then to Sept-Îles, PQ in 1970. In both communities she was involved as choir director and organist in a local church as well as a community choir. In addition to teaching school, she taught a few piano students.

In the early 1980’s Kilby began a piano studio in Saint John where she taught upwards of 40 students. As their family grew and took more time, she lightened the load to fewer students but continued to teach at all levels until 2001 when she retired from teaching to spend more time with her husband who had retired a year earlier. While in Saint John, she also served on the New Brunswick Competitive Festival of Music board, as well as taking on accompanying duties for several instrumental and vocal student competitors. In addition, she accompanied the choir at the Rothesay Baptist Church and then became the Choir director there for several years.

Thank you Kilby, from your friends and colleagues on the NBRMTA Council!

Lynn Johnson


Lynn has been an active and exemplary member of the NB Registered Music Teachers’ Association, holding membership in two local branches where she was teaching - the Moncton Branch since 1997, and the Sackville Branch since 2006. She has been actively involved in the musical community in every capactiy: teaching, adjudicating, examining, co-owner of The Music Bookstore, collaborative pianist, performer, recording artist and arts administrator. At the provincial level, her organizational skills, dependability, willingness and commitment to excellence were quickly recognized!

Lynn has gone above and beyond to provide performance opportunities for the music students in New Brunswick. As Competition Convener, she has planned and executed the biennial provincial round of the CFMTA National Piano Competitions, the biennial NBRMTA Music Competitions, and the biennial

Atlantic Young Artist Competitions and Tours for several seasons. Before one competition is done, she has started preparing for the next one!

Lynn Johnson’s career as a solo and collaborative performer has taken her across Canada, throughout the United States and Europe as well as on-air broadcasts with CBC and Radio Canada. At Mount Allison she teaches piano, collaborative piano and chamber music. She earned a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance from North Texas State University and a Master of Music in Collaborative Piano at the University of Southern California. She is also the recipient of the premier prix avec distinction in Collaborative Piano and Chamber Music from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Brussels, Belgium.

Her interest in repertoire for two pianos resulted in a CD of works for two pianos entitled Dialogue with pianist, Edmund Dawe. The CD includes works by Johannes Brahms, Maurice Ravel, Dmitri Shostakovich, Sergie Rach- maninoff, Haim Alexander and Canadian composer Clermont Pépin. It was released in 2012 to critical acclaim, garnering nominations for both the New Brunswick Music Awards and the East Coast Music Awards.

Thank you Lynn, from your friends and colleagues on the NBRMTA Council!

Mabel Doak


The Music Teachers and students of N. B. all know of Mabel Doak’s fine vocal teaching. In 2009, St. Thomas University presented Mabel with an honourary doctor of letters.

Today, we are celebrating another aspect of Mabel’s musical life, which is her contribution as a member of New Brunswick Registered Music Teachers' Association Honorary Life Members.

Mabel became a registered music teacher in 1981 and was immediately elected vice president . Vivian Hicks was president at the time. In 1984, Mabel became president of NBRMTA and for the past 19 years she has been our registrar (following in the footsteps of Evelen Clarke).

In 1989, Mabel revised the NBRMTA bylaws to be in “sync” with those of CFMTA, and she later revised the membership certifi cates, and had them translated so they were in both English and French.

Throughout the last 30 years, Mabel has been a valuable member of council. She keeps council members on track regarding proper meeting procedures - she knows Robert’s rules inside out! She expresses her opinions honestly, and isn’t afraid to rock the boat if necessary; but, as she says herself, once a group decision is made - even if she has argued against it, she accepts and lives with the decision. This is the mark of a real team player.

Her sense of humour helps make council meetings lighthearted and fun, even if we are discussing dry topics at times. It is with great pleasure that I present Mabel Doak with a life membership to NBRMTA

Presented by Jane Bowden at the June 11, 2011 NBRMTA Annual Meeting in Fredericton
Photo credit: Jeanie MacCallum

Gail Carleton


Gail Carleton first joined the New Brunswick Registered Music Teachers’ Council in 1992. Although the standard term for a council member is three years, Gail served two consecutive terms at which point she was elected vice-president in 1998. In 2000 she moved into the president’s chair. Since there has been a continuous shortage of NB members willing to serve on council, what should have been one term of two years turned into two terms. And, for the same reason, she served two terms as past president from

Gail has always been there to step into a position if needed. In 2008 the person in line for the vice president’s position was relocating out of the province. Gail stepped in to fi ll the void and once again served as vice president. In the following year we were still short one council member. Gail volunteered to stay on council. In 2010 we were short a council member. She was nominated to fi ll this position and accepted.

Gail has been an essential member of the New Brunswick Council for the past 18 years. But, that is only part of the role she plays in the musical community of not only New Brunswick, but, also Canada.

In the past, Restigouche County had a very active music festival which drew students from a wide area in the northern part of the province. Gail was very active as a teacher and organizer with this festival. She was involved in the executive of the New Brunswick Federation of Music Festivals for many years. In 1987 she was elected president of NBFMF; in 1990 she took over as Executive Secretary (later changed to Executive Director) for four years. Her involvement in the National Music Festival has involved serving on many committees from the mid 1980’s and well into the 90’s. In 1996 she served as NB Coordinator for the 1996 National Music Festival in Sackville.

Because of her deep roots in the festival movement provincially and nationally, she has written a historical book on the Competitive Music Festivals in New Brunswick. What an incredible resource! She is presently on the board of Juenesses Musicales and involved in the organization of the Baie des Chaleurs International Chamber Music Festival in Dalhousie. The thriving and well-attended concert activities in Dalhousie can be directly attributed to the efforts of Gail Carleton.

Gail Carleton has been a stabilizing force in the musical community of New Brunswick for many years. She is always willing to assist in any capacity to promote and encourage music performance - among both students and professionals. She is a true inspiration to the educators and musicians in New Brunswick. It is a great pleasure to present her with an Honourary Lifetime Membership to NBRMTA.

Tribute and photo submitted by Lynn Johnson
Editor’s Note: Unfortunately Gail was not able to attend the AGM and receive this honor in person.

Elizabeth Armour


Elizabeth Anne (Moore) Armour attended Mount Allison Conservatory (Class of ’57) and earned her Associate Music Diploma – majoring in Voice – Performance and Teaching. Her teachers included Lois Kempe, Madame Celia Bizony and Dorothy Allen. She went on to teach private voice lessons for 50 years, retiring in 2007. During this time, she was President of the Moncton Music Teachers Association for 2 terms, President of the NBRMTA for 2 terms, President of the Moncton Symphony Foundation for 3 terms, Vice President of NBRMTA and CFMTA delegate for 10 years and in charge of procuring Adjudicators for the Moncton Music Festival for 30 plus years. She was, and still is, a very active member of her church choir. In 1990, she was awarded an Honorary Life Membership from the Moncton Music Teachers Association and also received an award from the City of Moncton – during their 100 Year Celebration - for her contribution in music and the arts. In 2009, she received an Honorary Life Membership from NBRMTA, presented by Doris Sabean.

Submitted by Doris Sabean
Photo by Lynn Johnson

Patricia Grant Lewis Elliot


Patricia Elliott was born in Regina, and, at the age of six began piano lessons with Martha Sommerville Allen. In 1957 she was appointed to the staff at Mount Allison University and has maintained a busy piano studio for the remainder of her eaching career. She retired from Mount Allison in 1993. Her teaching emphasized an awareness of the physical approach to the instrument and of the sound produced. Her aim was to develop the individuality of each student, to help open doors for them into the music, and to help them to project these ideas to the audience.

She has been a member of the Sackville Branch of NBRMTA for many years. She actively supported the work of the provincial body, serving as a Council member and two terms as President. She has also served as NB delegate to CFMTA. She worked particularly vigourously on the NBRMTA proposal regarding NB High School students receiving credit for private music study.

NBRMTA is very appreciative of all the energy and expertise Patricia has extended to our Provincial organization. We were proud to honour her in 2009 with a lifetime membership, presented by Danise Ferguson.

Submission and photo by Lynn Johnson

Pauline Harborne


Pauline Harborne was born in Upper Sackville. She began her music career with piano lessons at age 9. Because she loved the singing voice and felt that the violin approximated the singing voice better than any other instrument, she switched to violin at age 14. She received a Licentiate of Music from Mount Allison Ladies College in 1937. Her performance activities have included solo and chamber work recitals. She also performed in the Mount Allison Orchestra.

Pauline has been a private music teacher for over 50 years. She was the first teacher of many well-known musicians and music educators, including violinists Jasper Wood and Ann Elliott-Goldschmid. Pauline believes that the role of the teacher is to recognize and nurture each student’s individual potential. She maintains that chamber music is the highest form of musical expression and has always encouraged her students to take part in small ensemble work. She continues to be an active member of the Sackville branch of NBRMTA.

She has served on NBRMTA Council, held the office of Vice-President, worked as coeditor of the NBRMTA newsletter and has also acted as Provincial archivist. In 1986 she was the first convenor of the Maritime Young Artist Series when Nova Scotia and New Brunswick joined forces for a bi-provincial tour. NBRMTA is honoured to have her as a valuable member of our organization and a lifetime member, presented in 2009 by Jasper Wood.

Submission and photo by Lynn Johnson

Honorary Doctorates

Mabel Doak


The following was written and read by Douglas Vipond at St. Thomas University, July 15, 2009

Mr. Vice-Chancellor, it is an honour to present to Convocation Mabel Doak.

Mabel Doak is a teacher—a teacher of singing: the most personal and courageous of all types of music-making.

A young woman I’ll call Lauren (because that’s her name), who is now in a Master’s program in voice, describes how, as a 14- year-old, she was participating in the Vocal Techniques Weekend, an event held every summer in St. Andrew’s. Fourteen-year-old Lauren was inexperienced and very nervous about performing in front of older girls. She shakily made it through her piece, was about to burst into tears and rush from the room when Mabel looked at her kindly and said, “Good for you, Lauren—you did it! Now we have to be able to hear you.” So instead of running from the room, Lauren stayed, sang again, and at the final concert she sang at a level and with a confidence she wouldn’t have imagined possible.

Young Lauren may not have realized it, but Mabel has been performing these kinds of small miracles for nearly six decades. Having studied voice with Hilda Shorten, Robin Bayley, Rosalie Belyea, and Agnes Simpson, by age 19 Mabel was directing choirs and coaching individual singers herself. In fact she maintains an active studio to this day. Two of her students have even gone on to professional careers—Wendy Nielsen and Measha Brueggergosman.

As a teacher, Mabel is known to have a great set of ears. And what she listens for above all is sound—tone—the very essence of music. She is a self-confessed tone freak. She can hear subtleties that others can’t and moreover she is willing to say what her ears tell her.

Indeed Mabel has something of a reputation for telling it like it is. Although it would often be more convenient, more comfortable to go along with the crowd, Mabel doesn’t. She may have ruffled a feather or two over the years, but the wonderful flip side is that when Mabel pays you a compliment, you know with certainty she means it.

There is no doubt that Mabel helps her students become better singers. But in a way the voice is the least of it. More important than vocal training is all-round musicianship, and more important still is personal development. Or, as one of her adult students says, “Mabel is my Life Coach.” With a musical instrument as personal as the voice, it is impossible to separate the singer from the song: who you are is how you sing. Mabel helps her students become not just more skillful singers, but more human beings.

Mr. Vice-Chancellor, I ask that you confer upon Mabel Doak the degree of Doctor of Letters, honoris causa.
Submitted by Jane Bowden

CFMTA's Hugheen Ferguson Award

The Hugheen Ferguson Distinguished Teacher Award was created in 2009 by CFMTA. This award is designed as a tribute to passion, talent and commitment in the teaching field.

Award Recipient - Lynn Johnson


Lynn Johnson holds a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance from North Texas State University and a Master of Music in Piano Accompaniment from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. She received the First Prize with Distinction in Piano Accompaniment and the First Prize in Chamber Music from the Royal Conservatoire de Musique in Brussels, Belgium.

Lynn has been actively involved in the Moncton and Sackville area music communities in every capacity: teaching, adjudicating, examining, co-owner of The Music Bookstore, accompanist, performer, recording artist and arts administrator.

Lynn has been an active and exemplary member of the NB Registered Music Teachers’ Association, holding membership in two local branches where she was teaching - the Moncton Branch since 1997, and the Sackville Branch since 2006. At the provincial level, her organizational skills, dependability, willingness and commitment to excellence were quickly recognized!

Lynn has gone above and beyond to provide performance opportunities for the music students in New Brunswick. As Competition Convener, she plans and executes the biennial provincial round of the CFMTA National Piano [and Voice] Competitions, the biennial NBRMTA Music Competitions, and the biennial Atlantic Young Artist Competitions and Tours. Before one competition is done, it is time to start on the next one!

Thank you Lynn from your friends and colleagues on the NBRMTA Council!

Award Recipient - Barbara Long


From the small community of Sommerville in rural New Brunswick, Barbara Long has established herself as an influential and motivating person in our musical scene on the local, provincial and national levels. Earning an ARCT in Piano Pedagogy from the Royal Conservatory of Music, she maintains an active and vibrant piano studio. She has been a registered music teacher since 1997. She is sought after as an adjudicator in various provinces across Canada. Until 2008 she was the Executive Director of the Carleton County Music Festival.

In 2002 she became Executive Director of the New Brunswick Federation of Music Festivals. Under her leadership, in 2008 the organization was awarded the TD Canada Trust ward for Arts Organization of the Year. Barbara has also served on the executive of the National Festival of Music. In 2007 the National Music Festival was hosted in New Brunswick with Barb as Chairperson for this event. We were very excited when Barbara agreed to accept the position of Chair for the 2009 CFMTA National Convention in Sackville, New Brunswick. Under her leadership this convention was a huge success.

Everyone who has had the privilege of working with Barbara recognizes her organizational skills, her incredible people skills and her dedication to the music community in our country. She is an inspiration to us.

Submission and photo by Lynn Johnson NBRMTA.